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            Jinggong robot participated in the 7th CWIEME exhibition
            source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/05/08

            The 7th Shanghai International Winder, Coils, Magnetic Materials, Insulation Materials and Motor Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME Shanghai) was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from April 27 to 29, 2021. The exhibition is Asia Pacific high quality one-stop "winding machine, coil, magnetic materials and equipment, materials and spare parts for motor, transformer, making" procurement platform, collected from all over the world advanced manufacturers, with more than 100000 senior industrial engineer, professional purchasing and business leaders of the global business network, A comprehensive display of innovative technologies, products, services and equipment in the industry. Jinggong Robot, as a well-known enterprise in the electric motor control industry of new energy vehicles, was invited to participate in the exhibition.


            On the first day of the exhibition, Jinggong Robot made an amazing appearance with its self-developed "IPIN All-in-One Automatic Forming Machine". IPIN automatic molding machine integrated flat wire uncoiling, leveling, laser peeling, mechanical cutting, mold forming and other different modules, the use of laser peeling process, effectively reduce the consumption of resources, shorten the construction period and time, but also greatly improve the quality of products, increase the profit margin of enterprises. In addition, the IPIN fully automatic forming machine has the advantages of mass production, controllable beat, high production efficiency and high degree of automation, fully compatible with a variety of different line forming operations, to provide customers with flexible manufacturing solutions.




            In the 3-day exhibition, visitors in an endless stream in front of Jinggong robot booth. "IPIN Automatic All-in-one molding machine" demonstrated a series of processes such as flat wire uncoiling, leveling, laser removing paint skin and mechanical cutting on the spot, which attracted many visiting customers to stop for consultation and exchange. After the on-site technical personnel's professional explanation, we have affirmed the innovative advantages of our new products, in product optimization and innovation also put forward valuable opinions, many customers have expressed a clear demand intention, the scene atmosphere is very hot.


            This CWIEME exhibition has built a good platform for display, promotion, exchange and cooperation for the new energy vehicle motor and electronic control industry, and has also brought many new inspirations and opportunities for the Jingong robot. In the future, Jinggong robot will continue to follow the development trend of new energy vehicles, in-depth study of relevant special equipment technology, constantly improve product quality, help China's new energy vehicle industry to flourish, and strive to become a new energy vehicle motor electric control industry mover.